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The Red Chair


I have a dream that is far smaller than getting published or having famous writers line up to get a signed copy of my book (Bono, George Clooney, and Colin Firth are in line too).  It is…

I just want a real desk and a comfortable chair.

About a year ago, my husband and I were talking about my writing.  Such discussions are like walking through an unmarked mine field at the best of times and this was no different.  We were in our  bedroom and he was sitting in the Red Chair.  The Red Chair is crammed into a corner by the window.  It is exceedingly square and boxy, large and ungainly.  The chair doesn’t really fit but because we need somewhere to toss our clothes at night, we have it in the bedroom.

(Picture this in bright red.)

My husband stood up and wondered aloud if perhaps my desk couldn’t go into the corner.  I was aghast!  I was indignant!  I was insulted!  Nobody puts Banshee in a corner!!  Imagine being creative with your face stuck up against a wall – a wall that isn’t even painted a nice colour!

It would be like writing in a time-out corner.  What am I, six?

I’m reconsidering…

I need a private place to work.  If I can’t have a room of my own, then I’ll take a corner in a room where at least I can close the door.  At this very moment I am in my cluttered kitchen at a laminate peninsula which is the wrong height.  No matter how I adjust my (uncomfortable) chair, my arms are not at the right level or angle.  I hurt from stem to stern.   Being in the kitchen in an open concept house means every noise hits my ears.  I can hear the kids, I can hear the cat scratching in her litter box downstairs (not an inspirational sound, let me tell you).

Here’s what the corner has going for it:  It is private. Even though I know it’s bad feng shui to have one’s back to the door, I’ll take that over writing in the middle of a freeway.  I would also be close to a window which has a pleasant aspect to it – right now there’s a lovely maple tree making soothing rustling sounds and providing visual interest.  However, I need a desk and because the corner is small, the desk would have to be petite. 

We  don’t own such an item.  I don’t know if the right desk exists.  How do you find something exactly the right height, depth, and feel?  I don’t know any carpenters who could whip one up for me.  It doesn’t need drawers (although one for pens and paper would be nice).

While on my lunch break today, perhaps I will scan  IKEA and Craigslist.  I will cruise by little antique places  this weekend to see if there’s anything out there. I would put it to good use.  I would write as best I can on it.  I would give it acknowledgement in my book.  “And, I would like to extend a special thank-you to my desk…” 

But, what of the Red Chair…what of any chair?  Excuse me, Ma’am…could I test drive your chair?