Banshees, as you may know, are rather loud faeries given to screeching.  While I am not a member of the faerie realm, I do screech a lot – hence the nickname. And, I’m small…ish.

Aside from screeching, I write.  A lot.  Although primarily a writer of fiction, in 2012 I’m embarking on a new journey designed to expand my horizons and my blogging.  Stay tuned, it’s not all sorted yet.  I have begun a new blog, entitled The Cat’s Handmaiden as a fun distraction which also gives me practice writing about one thing and one thing only.  The cat, as always, is most pleased to be the center of attention.  You can find the cat at

My aim is to turn Write or Else into a blog that focuses solely on writing, chronicling my journey as a writer and my never-ending search for validation.  I have a literal mountain of half-finished short stories which, when ready, will be sent out into the cruel, cruel world for publication.  I’ve also embarked on the strangest of journeys called “novel writing.”  Eeeeeesh.



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  1. Frances,

    I got your comment and I thank you for reminding me someone actually reads my idle ramblings. I use the blog to keep insanity just out of reach, but not, of course, out of mind. You write good. Me hopes to write pretty like you some day.
    On your Barcelona piece: I was chatting with a Frenchman about Gaudi and we agreed he and Dali were clearly smoking something. Something interesting.

    • Thank you for the compliment. You should never go back to whatever it was that you did before becoming a trailing spouse; write instead. It’s fun, doesn’t pay (unless you have something published by what is known as a “brick & mortar” publishing house – something I’ve yet to experience though I do dream)and, best of all, you can be a cranky, hermit-like creature who walks the streets, muttering and jotting things down; people smile at you benevolently and say, “Oh, there goes a writer.” It affords me only the opportunity to be crazy in public. As for your chat with the Frenchman, I agree. They were on whatever Lewis Carroll was on…for sure. Was this conversation in French or English though – perhaps he was offering you some?

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