Writing Away


It has been a challenging week.

Challenging weeks are good (teeth gritted, forcing myself to look at the silver lining) in that they sharpen my perspective of what I truly want to do versus what I am thrown into.  Everyone has challenging weeks but to say I’ve gotten miles offtrack would be an understatement.

And so, I am running away. 

Always a fan of the “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” approach to life, I’m a firm believer that solitude is necessary to re-calibrate, re-position, and re-focus.  Because I don’t own a remote rural property with a charming yet rustic writing studio tucked into a corner of it, I have to improvise.  Enter Hotwire.com

I will pack a little suitcase, my laptop, a notebook and pens.  I will then retreat to a downtown hotel.  I will lay out a road map of what I want to accomplish in those precious solitary hours.  This is not just a night away from the responsibilities of the household – this is a mini-writing retreat.  I’m not going to vegetate on the bed and watch endless hours of bad TV.  Thankfully, I’m enough of a technophobe that I don’t know how to log in to the fancy media systems nor do I care to spend any extra cash on the hotel WiFi (if not included).

I will research homes for two short stories.  I will sketch out a rough map for a short story trilogy that I’ve been dreaming of.  I will contemplate the end of The Novel as well as continue to lay down the story.  I will try to write straight with no tinkering. 

Check-in is at 3pm.  I will work from the time I get there into the night.  I will brew coffee at eight in the evening – something I could never do at home fearing the disruption of my sleep.  I don’t care if I don’t sleep this one night; the work’s the thing. 

My husband doesn’t believe me but I will miss the hum of the house.  I will miss sitting in the kitchen with him and enjoying a glass of wine and a stretch of uninterrupted conversation.  I will miss Alyss the Psychotic kitten and my noisy children.  But, it’s just one night.  A night where I can work without interruption while the city of Toronto buzzes around me, below me.  

Writing is work.  Like other kinds of work, it sometimes takes me away from my family, my home.  I love this work like no other I’ve ever done.  Sometimes I just have to write away.


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