Woo-Woo Juju


I’m not an overly superstitious person.  When a black cat crosses my path, I chase after it so I can say hello.  Walking under a ladder doesn’t have me looking over my shoulder all day and Friday the 13th is just another blessed Friday.

However, when crazy, weird, or bad stuff happens repeatedlyeven I will stop and wonder.  And right now, I’m wondering if it might be necessary to call in someone to say a few words over our car, sprinkle a little chicken dust or unicorn glitter over it to banish its bad juju.

We’ve only had it five months and we’ve been rear-ended twice (once at considerable speed causing thousands of dollars worth of damage) and as I type, two men are replacing its cracked windshield.  Mind you, the car is a tank, a trooper, and utterly sturdy.  We have no complaints (other than the weird gearing and the slightly squirrely turn signals); overall, it’s a great car.  But, I’m a touch nervous now.  Might not drive it in a lightning storm…

Some cars are lemons, their mechanical demons making themselves known the minute the car drives off the dealership lot.  Others, it seems, are just a tad unlucky.  A friend of mine had a vehicle that attracted so much trouble the body shop repairman (a tattooed, swarthy veteran not given to superstition) advised her to ditch it with all due haste.  That was after a random car left the nearby highway, became airborne and landed on top of her car as it waited to be repaired in the body shop parking lot.  She followed his advice.

I don’t want to be a twitchy, nervous driver – such behaviour will only make me a danger on the road.  I wish it weren’t winter – the icy roads and bad drivers make for ideal crash-bang conditions.  Does my car have bad juju or am I falling prey to woo-woo nonsense?  Well, now that it has a pretty, pristine windshield and a brand new rear end, I think I’ll…buy some subway tokens.  I can save on gas by not driving while I settle my nerves.


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