Is Focus the Thing?


I lack focus.  Someone I know who might be reading this is falling off his chair laughing right now (or crying and shaking his head).  I jump from one project to the next leaving everything half-finished when I realize I’m bored with them all.  I’m a prolific writer but knuckling down and writing about one thing, finishing one project has proven to be quite a challenge.  I feel adrift.

In an effort to practice focus, I’ve started a new blog exclusively about a cat.  It can be found under under the title, The Cat’s Handmaiden.”  Just an amusing chronicle about life with a precocious kitten named Alyss.  I run the risk of being slapped with the derisive moniker of “Cat Lady”  but I don’t care.  It’s a writing exercise.  Luckily the subject matter is both entertaining and adorable.  I promise, she will not “talk,” I don’t dress her up in human clothes…I am merely an observer.  At first I thought this could be a niche but now I’m unsure – I’m not an expert on cats, I simply own one.  Does one need to be an expert?

 I understand the concept…sort of.  For example, specialists make great bloggers – nutritionists, life coaches, dog psychologists – they have specialized knowledge in their respective fields thus lending credibility to their posts.  I have no specialty.  What I do have is a long resume, fourteen years of parenting, and an obsession with home renovations that I cannot afford.  Oh, and a psychotic kitten.  There are many “experts” who say writers should specialize and then build a portfolio around that specialization.  But what of me (and I know I’m not alone) – wearer of many hats, owner of none, so to speak?

Is it so simple as writing what you know?  Or is it acceptable to write about what interests you – with no expertise, only curiosity driving you?  I know so much and yet so little.  I am intensely curious – about everything from quantum physics to the domestication of cats. I could write about parenting two teenagers but God, how many thousands of people write about that?  I was a Realtor once and I love the idea of real estate but I cannot claim to be a specialist.  I love travel but can’t afford to do it.  Most of my journeys come courtesy of the “little yellow man” on Google Maps.  Hey don’t knock it – I drove through the Highlands of Scotland the other day and it was very entertaining and much safer than the real thing.

In any event, The Cat’s Handmaiden is out there – have a read.  Now, back to The Novel…or, maybe a snack…


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