Help Wanted


Emerging from my 24-hour pity party, it’s clear I need to find a way to earn money with my writing.   Although the 93 posts I’ve written for the Write or Else blog are distracting and sometimes amusing, it’s getting me exactly nowhere on the job front.  Or is it?  Within this blog lies a wealth of information about me and my writing.  It covers everything from silly to sad, angry to gleeful.  Hanging my head in shame, I admit I’ve even covered Kim Kardashian. 

I have looked for freelance writing opportunities (online)before; I usually leave the sites in a state of panic complete with flop sweats, heart palpitations, and a serious case of knee-knocking.  I don’t exit these sites, I flee them at full speed.

So today, I returned to see if time and desperation quieted my fears.  Nope.  Same result.  I’m still trying to get my heart rate down.  Why do I experience anxiety attacks when scrolling through these pages?  I feel woefully unqualified for the jobs posted. 

I get strung up on the words “experience required.”  I have no experience, per se.  Although I’ve written 93 posts for WordPress and quite a few “articles” for sites like Suite101, I’ve never seen an ad, applied, and been accepted for an assignment.   In the freelance world, what counts as “experience” and what kind of experience gets a writer hired?

Wise people say fiction doesn’t pay; I’ve been advised to write nonfiction, earn some money, and then save the fiction for later.  Ok, fine.  Sign. Me. Up.  And then I flounder.  Aside from a lack of experience, I might be having a slight self-confidence issue.  Time for a little pep talk, banshee. 

Strong points:  I’m a  very intelligent writer.  I grasp ideas quickly and can convert them to copy that’s easy to read and has good flow.  I can condense large ideas into synopsis form.   I’m a fast writer and can turn revisions around very quickly; moreover, I take constructive criticism well – an important point when working with editors.  I have a strong command of the English language; I know how to use a dictionary, a thesaurus, and spellcheck.   I know how to research and extrapolate information from a variety of sources.  I adore reading  as much as writing; I am curious about a great many subjects.  I have a quirky, irreverant sense of humour but I can also grasp complex issues and write seriously about them.  I work well independently but do not shy away from asking for help if I need it.

Hey, I’m not half bad. 

I’m a parent (teens!), a wife, a pet owner, the child of alcoholics, and am the sibling of someone who suffers from acute mental illness.  I’ve worked in a variety of fields from real estate to legal to major fundraising.  I suffer from migraines and chronic back pain.  I love to drive very fast; I generally loathe slowpokes.  I have a love/hate relationship with the act of traveling but love exploring new destinations.  I’m an expat American living in Canada.

In sum, I could write about anything.

There.  C’est moi.  I am a veritable gold mine of smarts, talent, and willingness to prove myself.  Now what?


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