Of Great Plans…


Wee Banshee is back – home from one of the greatest vacations ever – and along with the accompanying weight gain and jet lag is a wee sense of disappointment only because I didn’t blog whilst on the trip itself.  However, this banshee couldn’t afford Royal Caribbean’s exhorbitant price of $35/hr. for internet access (nor would she pay it if she could – it’s highway robbery!)  With only one day in each port of call, we couldn’t take the time to root out internet cafes either.

So.  Here’s what I’m gonna do…each day, I’ll post a blog about each port of call- in between naps and changing the laundry loads which will no doubt be very time consuming.  Be patient, readers!  I did journal faithfully nearly every day – not only about the cities and sights – but also about my general impressions about traveling, different cultures, the kids, etc.

It was an amazing trip.  We saw Barcelona, Monte Carlo (or, rather, the expensive cars parked there), Florence, Rome, Salerno (incl. Pompeii & the Amalfi Coast), Ephesus in Turkey, Athens, and Santorini.  We met interesting people and animals.  We wished for a portable defribillator a couple of times (Amalfi Coast driving, donkey dodging in Santorini).  We ate waaaaay too much. We now know which European city we want to move to – can you guess?

Now its back to reality:  laundry, groceries, dieting…and looking for work.  Yuk.  I can’t believe it’s already August.  I can’t get over how new everything looks in Toronto – highways, buildings.  I can’t believe how dirty my house got while I was away!

So, stay tuned.  More to come.  Hopefully with pictures!

Wee (ok, not so wee anymore) Banshee


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