Reading Day


I’ve been a very selfish banshee of late.  I’ve sat here at my laptop, preening and going on about me, ad nauseum.  I’m a wee bit sick of me.    No doubt my “friends” on Facebook are sick of me as well, what with the constant blog links and all…

So today, I vowed that I would get my head out of my own derriere and go exploring.  Today I am going to explore the other hard-working bloggers out there who are talented,are dedicated to their craft and who have so much to say on a variety of topics.  I might only have time to explore the blogs about writing but at least it’s a start.  Already, I’ve read so much that I feel full – like after a good meal.

Of course, some posts are not to my taste; some I don’t “get.”  But that’s ok.  I don’t have to like them all and I don’t have to get them all.  That’s not the point.  The point is the exploration.  Titles and photos catch my eye and pique my curiosity.  If I like a post, I’m sure to let the blogger know.

Let’s be honest: we love to be read.  We love to know that someone out there has taken the time.  There doesn’t have to be universal agreement, they don’t have to comment (although there’s nothing like a friendly or encouraging word to brighten my day).

I think every Friday will be Reading Day.  To loosely paraphrase an Annie Proulx quote that I just read on someone else’s blog, Reading is the best way to learn how to write.  Forgive me, Annie if I’ve not gotten it quite right…

Reading is also the best way to open your mind and get your head out of your own….well, you know.

Happy Friday, bloggers!!


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