Summer Day Musings

  • I can get collagen or Botox injections for my saggy knees
  • If I engaged in something called “exercise” I could build up my quad muscles and maybe solve saggy knee issue
  • While examining saggy knees, I learned that I miss the same spot with the shaver…again and again.
  • Hotels in Europe don’t cater to travelers w/ 2 kids who only want one room but for an extra 40 Euros or so, they’ll figure something out.  Maybe.
  • Little blonde designer dogs don’t like the hot sun
  • Little blonde designer dogs don’t necessarily like to be held like babies and tickled; I now have teethmarks on my chin to prove it
  • The raccoon that lives behind our house is bigger than some blonde designer dogs
  • Blonde designer dogs like to chew on sticks
  • Sugar is not my friend
  • Menopause is not my friend
  • I really want to stay friends with coffee & red wine
  • My writing Sisters are wicked awesome talented friends
  • Clover looks just like grass when it’s mowed.  If I squint.
  • My husband really does know zero about cars
  • Basil from the garden really does taste better
  • The sun should be good for us
  • If my husband continues to procrastinate re: installing a screen door, flies & bees & maybe the big raccoon will enter our house
  • Chewed up sticks are a little more fibre than some little blonde designer dogs can handle
  • Expensive designer dog puke looks just like ordinary, mutt dog puke
  • Naps accomplish exactly nothing

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